All Jeb Corliss' accidents in Wingsuit on video

 Jeb Corliss is a pro at base jumping and in Wingsuit. He has put this discipline on a real pedestal and pushed his limites and those of mankind and has taken videos of himself that are absolutely impressive! You can now enjoy his videos here and in China's mountains. It's sad to see that this is a very hasardous passion and one too many pioneers end up leaving their lives while living their passion. 

Jeb Corliss has had the chance to touch death  with the tip of his fingers and here is the accident of the 16th january 2012 in South Africa and he hits a moutain slope at 180km/h. He was lucky not to get hit in the head but his legs got badly hurt! In order to get better, he had to be immobilized for several months, hence getting his legs use again.

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